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How do I sell my book?

We get this question all of the time and there is no simple straight-forward answer. Marketing has changed over the years with the advancement of technology and the landscape changes have put new demands on the creators because of the way the customer consumes content.

Our simple answer is this, "Sell pieces of yourself."

If you have not already done so, built an audience, have some type of notoriety, have done the work to gain a following, you are a new comer and no one knows you. The plan is to get people to notice who you are and gain interest in purchasing your work.

How customers consume content nowadays is very important to them, seeing and loving your work and purchasing it. You have to be where they are but most importantly, they have to be willing to buy into who you are, but first you have to sell yourself.

What's connected to an item will help in the way the item is sold and marketed. You are that item. Let your potential readers in, give them the inside scoop on what its like to be you, how do you think.

Become a 3 dimensional person seller; not only will they love your story but they will love you as a person, a real person with common things that ties you and them together. Have more than one point of connection, just don't let the book be the only way that they can connect with you.

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