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Safiar Taliaferro

Local Guide · 39 reviews

3 months ago-

Simms Books Publishing is an amazing company that has held my hands through the publishing process as a first time author. They have excellent service, always there to listen and work with you on your ideas and obstacles. I recommend them to all my writer friends. Thanks so much!

letoshia weaver

6 reviews

3 months ago-

Such a great book publishing company. The owner, James, is very thorough and knowledgeable. His effective communication and attention to detail is like no other. I highly recommend this company!

Leann Hampton

1 review

2 weeks ago

James you have truly made a name for you and your children legacy!!!!! You are only help for others!!! Don't stop because people need you!!!


3 reviews

3 months ago-

This gotta be the best book publishing company I ever encountered. This guy knows his stuff on top of that he’s honest trustworthy and reasonable and dependable. He responds to customers quick and understands the true definition of customer service I have to give a 5 star rating.

Sallie Larthridge

Local Guide · 22 reviews

3 months ago

I asked Mr. Simms to come out and talk to our youth at my church about becoming their own Published Author. He did a FANTASTIC JOB!!!! He had all of their attention!!! GREAT JOB and thanks again!!!!!

Nan Virden

1 review

3 months ago-

Dear Mr. Simms,

I wanted to let you know the I had a book signing on Wednesday and it was a great success. The book store sold three book from the display before the day of the book signing. What fun and very encouraging.One thing that was commented on the most was the book cover. Wow!
There is another book awards I'm going to enter. It's the Independent Publishers Book Awards. Three to five medals will be given out in each category and there are a butt load of categories. I'm going to enter in four: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Cover Design-Fiction, and My First Book-Fiction. Although it would be great to win an award I'm doing it more for the exposure. Wish me luck. So what do you think? Hope you are well.

Nanette Virden

Janice Davis

7 reviews · 4 photos

2 weeks ago-

Simms Books Publishing Corporation always looks out for its customers! They are hardworking, dedicated, resourceful, and will guide you until completion. I admire the company's strong presence within the community, schools, and dedication to early literacy development. Their work is honest, professional, and is continuing to grow globally. If you're looking for a publisher with integrity that is well accomplished, you will not be disappointed with Simms Books Publishing Corporation!

Jacqueline Jones

2 reviews

3 months ago-

I am a first time Author, and Simms Books Publishing Corporation came highly recommended to me, and I took the advice and it was one of the best decision that I've ever made. Mr. Simms and his staff is very professional, and attentive to your every need. He (Mr. Simms) is always available no matter what time it is to assist you with your questions and concerns. He is very thorough and very knowledgeable about his business, and what I admire most importantly is his integrity, honesty, and his character which speaks volume in itself. I am currently working on my next book, and I'm looking forward to continuing my business with Simms Books Publishing. Thanks for you service Mr. Simms and staff.

Shupier Jones

1 review

3 months ago

Starting the process with publishing your book can be scary. It can even be quite a discouraging experience if you don’t know the proper steps. Thank God for Simms Books Publishing Corporation, I no longer had to stay in the dark. They showed me everything I needed to know about becoming an author. They are professional and finished your project in a timely manner. Your search is over because you’re at the right place and I assure your book will be done right!!!

I just want to thank James for a great experience. You made sure my first book a success.

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