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Where the mind goes the body shall follow

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

You know the saying "Mind Over Matter," the mind, the brain has electromagnetic waves, pulses, currents, that affects the motion of nerves and in turn the movement of the body. Your brain is the computer where everything is being processed where our thoughts are constructed. Energy is being transferred, moved, increased, decreased but never destroyed. Think of them as charges, that are broken up in three sections: Positive, Negative and Neutral.

So, What am I saying? Your mind, with all of that energy and charges going on can and will affect "matter," physical elements= your body, in three ways and have some kind of effect on it.

Whoa! Just went deep there!

Now take all of what was stated and marinate on it for a minute. I'm answering yes to all of your statements that you are currently making in your head right now!

You have the power to will anything into existence with your mind because it is a matter controller...Think About it!

Envision great things, so that your eyes, ears, hands and feet move in accordance to the plan.

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