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About Us

This is a space to tell users about yourself and your business. Let them know who you are, what you do, and what this website is all about. Double click to start editing.


Simms Books Publishing Corporation's mission is to help authors, writers, and anyone with a story to tell, in publishing "their story."  Our emphasis is on entrepreneurial business building, promoting literacy, and teaching the fundamental aspects of book publishing with a multifaceted model. 

Simms Books Publishing Corporation is like no other publishing company you have ever heard of, worked with, or seen! We are changing the publishing landscape by being innovative, progressive and in tuned with our client and customer base. We operate on one motto "We Will Work For You!"

In search of a publishing home? Well look no further! You have worked hard, built up the courage to write your story, now let us help you build your business! 

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